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This is the section of the SOUNDkiosk site about composers Jamie Crofts and Jimmy Dove, artist
J-me, and writer Jim Simm:
Voices of the New Eclectic

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We Not I
Random Walks, an opera by Jason Kilburn Evans and Jamie Crofts
Narrator - Tony Fielding Raby
Music - Jamie Crofts micro-Mµ-tech Kaossilators
Premiere: 24th May 2014, Angel Coffee House, Lincoln UK
The libretto and set are released under a Creative Commons license - Download libretto HERE
Download the flatpack set HERE

Highlights include microsites for:
Chromatic Fields
Tungsten 3rd Elevator

The score of Jamie Crofts' 5 Nocturnes for piano (2012) the Foss Dyke Navigation at night is now available free of charge on application
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This month I'm featuring music from my 50th Birthday Concert 2011 which included performances by Michael Parsons, John White, Mark Lockett, Julian Haxby, Robert Orledge and myself LISTEN

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Including performances of Chromatic Fields, piano music by Morton Feldman, films etc:


Random Walks

A spoken word opera with libretto by Jason Kilburn Evans and music by Jamie Crofts received it's first performance in May 2014 with Tony Fielding-Raby as the Narrator and Jamie Crofts as Kaoperator.
The ebook of the libretto is published and available HERE free of charge under a Creative Commons license
NEW The score is now available (Kaossilator, Kaossilator 2, Kaossilator Pro, Mini Kaoss Pad and
Mini Kaoss Pad 2) HERE
The flatpack set is available to download HERE


J-me: Artworks

Unsolicited Manuscripts (1993 - present)
Illustration pdf
Commentary pdf
Complete List pdf

Contribution to Keith Bates' Mailart Font (2004) GO

The Mailart Font is a free font available from
Keith Bates at


Jim Simm: Textworks

Obscure Animactions
Flash movie based on the Obscure Actions font designed by Keith Bates for a mailart project by
Vittore Baroni
Obscure Animactions 1 GO
Obscure Animactions 2 GO

Obscure Actions is a free font available from
Keith Bates at


Tungsten 3rd Elevator

The spoken word opera with libretto by Jim Simm, set by J-me and music by Jamie Crofts. Although the project is stalled, awaiting a complete recording, there are notes here on the project so far GO


Chromatic Fields 71 to 80 for piano and viola or violin (2011)

The complete score is now available under
a Creative Commons license on application
Simply email and the score will be sent to you by return
For more information on the project:
Visit the microsite HERE
Listen to the alternative version for piano and synthesizer on SOUNDcloud GO

12 by 2 by 12 (Multiple)
new edition 2011

The complete score. Free download here:
Title page and performance directions DOWNLOAD
The material DOWNLOAD
The realisation DOWNLOAD
Listen online at SOUNDcloud GO

Chromatic Field 12.1 for piano (2006)

The piece which defined the Chromatic Fields concept. A composition using every one of the 88 notes of the piano as a series of single notes DOWNLOAD


The typefaces used on this website are Roadway and Gill New Antique by Keith Bates. Download from the
K-type website